• Creating Constructive PR Roadmaps

Creating Constructive PR Roadmaps
Customised PR services targeting and engaging the core audience, delivered through an intersection of purposeful, buzz-worthy and thought-provoking vision and directives.

Brand Strategy & Planning

Design and execute strategic communication plans by defining actionable goals, drawing out an implementation approach and carrying out the plan to create, strengthen and preserve opinion.

Strategic Partnerships

Strong and strategic associations with relevant events and industry platforms that creates effective and mutually beneficial collaborations engaging the right audience

Impact Analysis and Measurement

WizSPK monitors and measures media analytics through comprehensively recording pre and post implementation data in matrices such as quality, reach, engagement, media impressions, brand mentions etc.

Digital Pr

Engage media, bloggers and influencers strategically to reach a broader digital audience enhancing brand’s online presence and visibility

Media Relations

Crafting strategic media outreach programmes, ideating and implementing press events, briefings, meetings, mapping editorial opportunities - Proactive and reactive engaging media vehicles across National and regional languages.

Influencer Engagement

With a strong network of influencers, we engage and create strategic interactions with online influencers and bloggers to build positive online conversations and boost brand affinity for our brand partners

Content Creation

Powerful content solutions guided expertly by our collective of experienced content designers and creators. Together, our SPK’ers produce creative, evocative and results-driven content.

Crisis Management

The Crisis Counsel team is forever prepared to plan instant and measured crisis strategy, managing complex issues, developing protocols for mitigating risks and preparing organisations to prepare and deal with a crisis situation.

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